What's Your Social Justice Story? 


This historical moment is one that we will always remember. In the face of a world-changing pandemic, a ground-shaking global uprising for Black lives has galvanized us. We face a climate emergency that will remake our world. Gender justice, disability justice and economic justice have moved from the margins of debate to the center of our collective consciousness—and our conversations.


Justice is about more than getting out in the streets. It’s about the choices we make every day—in our communities and in our businesses.


The cannabis space is at a crossroads. We must do more than offer innovative products, unforgettable experiences and transformative lifestyles. Our industry stands on the shoulders of giants—generations of Black people who faced criminalization, violence and shattered communities to bring us to this moment.


As we change lives with the power of cannabis, we do more than pay them our respects—we work to build our communities, to uplift the marginalized and to repair past damage.


Every one of us is realizing that we have our own social justice story to tell. What’s yours?

Mss Oregon, CEO of Diversify Portland and the Notational Cannabis Diversity Awareness Convention (NCDAC). She and her kids are joint partners in both ventures They are the first family of cannabis to hold a national convention.