Our Team

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Lori Shepherd

Lori Shepherd is a strategic communications and public relations professional who divides her time between 420 Equity Labs and her PR agency, 25SecondsPR.


Her background comprises 20+ years managing nonprofit, tech, K-12 education platforms, and business services industries. in 2020, she included cannabis services.


Lori has long been prioritizing social and racial justice and has volunteered at and worked with a community organizations and nonprofits that are committed to social and racial equity.


Lior Shapiro

Lior Shapiro combines decades of experience as a writer with social justice activism.

As an American living in the UK, Lior's writing and activism bend toward gender politics and racial justice within a global setting.

Lior specializes in bringing a positive, solutions-oriented perspective to the most challenging problems of today. 


Lior is delighted to offer their wealth of experience in getting ideas and brands into global publications for clients of 420 Equity Labs.


Sarah Ratliff

Sarah Ratliff is a freelance writer and content marketing agency owner living in Puerto Rico. She is multiracial: Black, Japanese and white. She was raised in New York City. 


Her bylines have appeared in LA Weekly, the Village Voice, Big Buds, Blavity, Mother Earth News, High Times, Dope, Big Buds, Civilized, Merry Jane, Caliva, Cannabis Tech, Suit & Artist, RxLeaf and Cannabis Health. 

In 2010, Sarah founded Coquí Prose, LLC, a full-service content marketing agency.